Raisin Walnut Squares

These little squares are perfect for an afternoon on the go. Just the right mix of carbs and protein, they give you the energy you need.

Almond Apricot Squares contain: organic apricots, almonds, organic coconut, ginger. 

The story:

We’ve all spent what feels like countless hours sorting through options in the granola/snack/power bar aisle of our local grocery store. Even bars with impressive health claims have a long list of strange ingredients. Looking to simplify things, we went to the drawing board.

We wanted to create snacks with some carbohydrates and protein for busy days… for those situations when both blood sugar and energy need a little pick me up. Great for kids too!

These squares just might become your go-to snack (and sometimes lunch). With a rich flavor, these satisfy for hours.

AAS SquaresAlmond Apricot Squares






Nutrition Facts

Ge Almond Apricot Bars Nutrition Label