What Does Paleo Mean?

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The Paleo Diet is based on the idea that humans are genetically adapted to eat certain types of foods — those that we ate as hunter-gatherers (Paleo in this case is short for ‘Paleolithic’, a term used to describe the early Stone Age). The basics of the diet are eating more protein and less carbohydrates, […]

It’s Berry Season!

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Last week’s post prepared you to be the perfect farmers market customer . This week we’ve got some info on one of our favorite market items and the best No Grain Granola topping: fresh berries! The best part about berries (besides how great they taste) is that they have a low glycemic index. Here’s a […]

10 Ways To Be The Perfect Farmers Market Customer

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Want to get the most out of your market experience and make yourself every vendor’s favorite customer? Keep It Real Food Co. had its beginning in farmer’s markets, and it’s how we built our customer base. While we won’t be selling at farmers markets this year, many other awesome vendors will be. We want you […]

We’ve Moved!

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In 2010 Keep It Real Food Co. made its debut (as Grain Expectations) at the West Seattle Farmers Market in Seattle, Washington. The vibrant farmers market, enthusiastic customers, and appreciation for healthy, tasty food made this an excellent base to launch the company. We’ve grown in leaps and bounds since then. April marks the beginning […]

Cracker Flavors and Nutrient Absorption

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Cracker Flavors We’ve been pleasantly surprised the last few months by the growing popularity of our newest product, the Seedy Crackers. These crunchy crackers are made entirely of seeds – flax, sesame, and chia – plus a dash of salt and pepper. It had always been the plan to make a few different flavors, so this weekend […]

Guest Post: WODPrincess

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WOD Princess recently got her hands on a couple of our products and loved them! Here’s her review: Product Review: Keep It Real Food Co.  August 12, 2013 by WODPrincess I love getting free samples to review! It’s awesome! It also helps me to eat a little cleaner and discover the awesome Paleo/Paleo-Friendly companies out […]

What does my diabetes mean for you?

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I didn’t used to talk much about my diabetes. Not only did it seem irrelevant, but it was important to me that people got to know me for me and not my disease. This started to change in the last ten or so years when I became more and more interested in nutrition and food. […]

The Sugar Debate

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There have been several articles in the news recently discussing sugar and it’s affect on our bodies. I’m more than relieved that we’re finally paying attention to this issue, but it’s certainly a complicated one. My relationship to sugar is also a complicated one (because of my type 1 diabetes). Many people believe that people […]


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Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy This book was the first book about healthy eating that I chose to read as an adult (as opposed to being assigned by a dietitian when I was younger), and it was extremely influential on my diet, and inspiration to pay more attention to the food in general. Although it is now […]

New Beginnings

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I started my first food business, Grain Expectations, in the summer of 2011. Things really got going when I began selling at Seattle Farmers Markets in 2012. Selling at the markets has been the perfect opportunity to interact with customers and introduce my products. I have learned a ton, gotten some great feedback, and absolutely love trading leftovers for amazing produce at […]