Sunflower Seeds

Posted by on Aug 8, 2014 in Blog, Nutrition

sunflowersSunflowers are in peak season right now  — you might have noticed them at the farmers market or fields and yards. The seeds are a great low glycemic, natural snack on their own, and add healthy fats, vitamin E, magnesium and antioxidants to our  No-Grain Granola and Seed and Nut Bars.

Vitamin E is important for a healthy immune system, skin, and eyesight. Magnesium helps regulate blood pressure and is vital for strong bones and a healthy heart. It can help lower stress, improve sleep and plays a key role in metabolism. Sunflower seeds also provide linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid our bodies require) and phytosterols (which lower cholesterol).

And, of course, they’re fun to shell and grow into lovely flowers. There’s more to sunflowers than just great nutritional value and appearance, though. Native to North America, they’ve been used for dye, oil, and food for thousands of years.

Intrigued? Here’s more fascinating information on sunflowers:

If you’re looking for a healthy snack, cheerful bouquet, or great costume idea the sunflower has it all.

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