It’s Berry Season!

Posted by on May 28, 2014 in Blog, Foods, Nutrition, Uncategorized

granola5SLast week’s post prepared you to be the perfect farmers market customer . This week we’ve got some info on one of our favorite market items and the best No Grain Granola topping: fresh berries! The best part about berries (besides how great they taste) is that they have a low glycemic index. Here’s a quick rundown of when berries are available:


Strawberries are in season in the early spring and late summer, depending on the variety, so look for them at your local market anytime from now through July.


Blackberries are in season May through July, so check the market now.


Blueberries and raspberries are both in season June through August.


Less common but still tasty, huckleberries are in season August through September.


If you’re thinking about making preserves with berries from a local grower, ask about a discount if you buy in bulk. And if you do choose to make jams or jellies, you don’t need to add refined sugars. Here’s an article with some tips on the topic.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy berries?

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