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WOD Princess recently got her hands on a couple of our products and loved them! Here’s her review:

Product Review: Keep It Real Food Co. 

August 12, 2013 by WODPrincess

I love getting free samples to review! It’s awesome! It also helps me to eat a little cleaner and discover the awesome Paleo/Paleo-Friendly companies out there. Keep It Real Food Co is one of those companies. Katie Coleman, the founder of Keep It Real Food Co, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 11. The mission of Keep It Real “is to create tasty low-glycemic products containing ONLY naturally healthy ingredients. Our goal is to build a brand of food products that customers trust to be healthy and delicious.” And dear God, are they delicious. I want to pre-empt this review by saying that I had a GINOURMOUS epiphany (borderline religious experience) while reviewing the products that Katie sent me.

Katie sent me three of her products: No-Grain Granola, Almond Apricot Square and Flourless Cocoa Nib Cookies. Um yea, these are definitely WODPrincess Approved. I ate the No Grain Granola last week for breakfast with some vanilla almond milk. This stuff is awesome. It contains a lot of organic seeds, almonds, honey, organic coconut oil, organic coconut, organic apples, vanilla, cinnamon and salt (got all of that from the front of the package :) . That was another cool thing that stood out: the ingredients were right on the front of the package is a nice big font (I’m in marketing, I look at stuff like that!). It’s so awesome that I ordered another bag and will most likely devour it within a week.

Check out those ingredients nice and big on the front of the package!

The Almond Apricot Squares were awesome as well. My brother even tried one. He is so non-Paleo it’s not even funny and he liked the taste of them. They were very sweet and chewy and are a great after meal treat. The packaging was cute too! Totally forgot to get a picture of these before I started eating them.


Now we come to the epiphany/borderline religious experience: the Flourless Cocoa Nib Cookies. So I bust these bad boys out last week for an after dinner treat. I guess the best word to describe these little guys is that they are crumbly. But they are delicious. So I eat one, start chewing and realize “man, I could really use some milk with these – WAIT, I HAVE ALMOND MILK!”. Enter the religious experience.I HAD PALEO COOKIES AND MILK! I know that you’re probably thinking, “well duh Becky you could have done that from the beginning.” Well yes, thank you, but don’t kill my vibe here. They were amazeballs. I actually did show self control and didn’t eat the entire bag. I still have some left over :) I was eating them and still thinking “I can’t believe I’m eating Paleo Cookies and Milk.” My mind was blown.

Keep It Real also has some other cool products as well. You can check them out here. I also ordered the Seed and Nut Bars but haven’t had a chance to eat them yet. They look delicious and if they’re anything like the three products I’ve sampled, they should be great. Price-wise, I don’t think that these products stray from the norm. Remember kids, it’s Paleo and you’re going to pay a little more for quality ingredients (which these are). The 12 oz. bag of No Grain Granola is $10.99, so it’s a little less that $1.00/oz. The nib cookies are $9.00 for a good amount of cookies (I think there were 15 to 18 nibs in the bag before I started taking them to the face).

So go check out Keep It Real Food Co! They’re WODPrincess Approved!



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